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Discovered in a mine drift from the late 1860s in 2016, is a geological feature that's one of a kind. The following year was spent scaling the walls, cleaning out tons of debris, getting water down into the mine and cementing the floor because,  of dust. The first public tour was done on January 21, 2018. According to several geologists that have seen it said that the  way the colors were blended has been unknown before this discovery. It's a once in a lifetime phenomenon to see. Theory has it between a magnetic and gravitational anomaly, Castle Dome Volcano and Little Dome Volcano erupting together allowed this one time occurrence to happen. If the same combination  exists anywhere else in the world it has yet to be discovered. Don't miss this once in a lifetime opportunity.

The Mine Tour

You will be issued a number tag. Then you will be transported by your volunteer tour guide to the mine. Be sure to watch for wildlife on the way you can never tell what's roaming around. At the mine you will be issued a hardhat. You will be taken 600 feet into the mountain to the 100 vertical foot level. This mine is a dry mine and temperatures will range between 70 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit year round. In the mine you will see many artifacts from the 1860s, jeans found in a drift, a vein of silver, desperado hideout, blacksmith shop and of course the Fluorescent room, lit up under short and long wave blacklights.

Cost $75 cash $80 credit card  - Children 7 through 11 -  $35 cash $40 credit card

Includes Museum Entrance

Things you'll see on the way to the Hull Mine
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